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Home appliances, light industry and electronic industry

The semi annual report of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange is close to the end, and the third quarter performance forecast of listed companies is in full swing. As of August 19, a total of 334 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have issued the third quarter performance forecast, including 62 companies with performance forecast increase, 100 companies with slight increase in performance, and 43 and 16 listed companies respectively continue to make profits and turn losses. In other words, 221 listed companies will show a positive upward trend in the third quarter, accounting for 66.17% of all the companies that have released performance forecasts.

Among the listed companies with declining performance, there are 24 companies with expected performance reduction, 28 companies with continuous loss, 50 companies with slightly reduced performance, 6 companies with downward performance only account for 32.34%, and 5 companies have uncertain performance forecast.

In terms of the distribution of the industries with good performance in the third quarter, according to the classification of Shenyi class industries, the industries with a proportion of more than 10% of the constituent stocks in the industry are: household appliances industry 19.61%, light industry manufacturing industry 17.65%, electronics 14.73%, building materials 12.10%, machinery and equipment 11.89%, textile and clothing 11.69%.

Among the 51 listed companies in the household appliance industry, 11 listed companies have disclosed the performance forecast for the third quarter. Except for one company of St. Leda, the other 10 companies have reported good results, including vantage shares, sunway shares, Sanhua shares, etc.

In the third quarter of the household appliance industry, the proportion of pre happy companies ranked first, which seems to be expected. Data shows that the overall main business of home appliance industry in the first quarter increased by 19.30% year-on-year, and the growth rate was further improved. At the same time, benefited from the relief of raw material cost pressure and the improvement of product structure, the overall profitability of the industry also improved. Under the background of basically facing the good situation, from the beginning of the year to August 19, the plate of household appliances increased by 15.86%, obviously outperforming the market and many cyclical traditional industries.

In the eyes of market participants, the household appliances sector is still low valuation, performance determination and high score red and other characteristics. "At present, the long-term growth rate of the air conditioning industry is the most certain. In the short term, hot summer may become a potential driving force for the stock price to rise. With the active real estate market, kitchen electricity industry with strong decoration property is expected to show rapid growth. The promotion of urbanization and the release of rural demand guarantee its long-term growth. The panel price in the third quarter is expected to stabilize and recover with the arrival of the peak stock season, and the prosperity of the panel industry is expected to continue next year. " Changjiang Securities analyst Chen Zhijian said.

In the light industry manufacturing industry, which has the second largest proportion of pre gratification, 16 listed companies have published the third quarter performance forecast, 15 have reported good news, and only one has slightly reduced the forecast performance, which is absolutely regarded as "excellent student" in the current three quarter performance forecast of Shenwan's 23 classified industries. In addition to HALS, Hexing packaging, Shengda forestry and seagull sanitary ware, there are three other companies that have achieved profit recovery, namely Weihua shares, Guanfu household and St Chenglin.

At present, the better performance prospect of the light industry manufacturing sector has a great relationship with the gradual recovery of the overall economy. Taking the packaging industry in the light industry manufacturing sector as an example, in 2013, with the recovery of demand for food and beverage, 3C products and some household appliances, the relevant packaging enterprises gradually recovered. In the second half of the year, with the further improvement of the economic environment and the rising demand of related industries, listed companies in the light industry manufacturing sector will get more development impetus.

The electronics industry ranks the third in the proportion of the third quarter's pre positive reports. At present, there are 129 A-share electronic listed companies, and 19 of them are in the third quarter, accounting for 14.73% of the total number of constituent stocks in the industry. Among them, Zhonghuan has become the most promising performance of electronic companies in the third quarter. It is estimated that the net profit will increase by about 40 million yuan to 50 million yuan, with the growth rate of 1692% to 2140%. Other listed companies, such as Goliath acoustics and shunluo electronics, also saw a big increase in their forecast performance. The recently issued "several opinions of the State Council on promoting information consumption and expanding domestic demand" will further deepen the status of information industry in the national economy. As the core supply chain link of information consumption, the electronic industry will undoubtedly continue to benefit.

At present, 22 companies have disclosed their performance in the third quarter, of which 16 companies have achieved good results, including a group of companies with a large increase in performance, such as PU Nai shares, palm garden, Honglu steel structure, etc.

Since this year, the active real estate market, especially the promotion of urbanization, has brought new space for the development of building materials industry. Zhang Shengxian, a researcher at Shenyin Wanguo, said that in the next step, with the promotion of urban infrastructure construction, including the construction and transformation of municipal underground pipe network, the improvement of urban water supply facilities, and the improvement of urban waterlogging prevention capacity, the building materials sector will have more performance opportunities.